How do your mobile users currently capture job information today?
What is the average number of field/mobile users you have working per day?
What is the average number of Jobs/Call/Actions completed per field/mobile user per day?
Please specify the average loaded hourly rate of each field/mobile user: £'s
What is the average time (minutes) per Job/Call/Actions?
How much time (minutes) on average is wasted each day per mobile user?
How many backroom or admin staff do you have supporting the mobile users?
Please estimate how accurate your incident data collection procedures are today:
Please specify the average loaded hourly rate of each backroom/support staff member: £'s
Total Daily Saving:
Mobile Users Activity:
Reduction in Idle time:
Backroom / Admin Staff Saving:
Weekly Saving:
Estimated Total jobs per day per user:
Overall Productivity Improvement:
Estimated ROI



Mobile Sales

Mobile Delivery

Field Service

Warehouse & Logistics

Inspections & Surveys



Business Analysis & Consultancy




Managed Service / SaaS


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