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The management and control of your stock within your warehouse is paramount to the success of the business. A simple, structured, and integrated stock control system can help to increase operational efficiency and provide 100% visibility of your stock to ensure that your warehouse can support your business. Mobile Data Capture allows you to efficiently monitor stock levels by using our software solutions, incorporating Wireless Warehouse Management Systems into your existing layout.


100% Visibility of Stock Level and Locations in Real Time.


Any Mobile Warehouse Management Systems or Mobile WMS can greatly improve the ease of stocktaking, saving not only time but manpower too. Our mobile management systems allow you to check your stock across a number of different locations, either across your warehouse or multiple stores or warehouses using intelligent software solutions that are compatible with many pre-existing monitoring systems.


Our stock taking software will make an efficient and effective stock take easy to conduct, when you use the software correctly you will find that it can help you locate stock along with recording data with the amount of stock that you have in your warehouse.


Boost Productivity, Efficiency and Accuracy of your Warehouse Operations.


At DCS our software is extremely effective, with numerous businesses already benefitting from incorporating our software. They have found that it cuts down on stock taking times and allows them to effectively locate products.


By using myMAp software to carry out your stock take you will see that it provides accurate stocktaking accounts, enabling you to monitor your stock and reorder efficiently. Providing a higher level of efficiency and offering greater control over purchasing decisions, discover the flexibility our software can offer whilst knowing that your stock levels will be accurately monitored.

Remove Paperwork, Reduce Administration and Reduce Data Loss or Repetition.


Generating the results you desire to attain the most benefits from any mobile data capture scenario in place within your company, our’ myMAp’ Warehouse solution has been developed to ensure that your warehouse processes and procedures are as efficient as possible, via stock location management, put away/stock receipting, picking management and stock replenishment.


Our myMAp® Warehouse solution is a comprehensive, full-featured, cost-effective, integrated software solution which enables the use of mobile working within your warehouse. The solution inherently integrates with supply chain management system and order processing functions, thus ensuring that there is no data loss or repetition via data entry, just an efficient and effective work flow.


Simple to use, Easy to Integrate and with a high ROI.


myMAp Warehouse extends any existing supply chain management or stock control solution to benefit from mobile working and improve the warehouse operation. The system is also suitable to work as a stand-alone solution to provide a cost effective, scalable stock control solution.


Wireless Warehouse Management Systems from DCS allow for you to effortlessly keep track of your operations through the latest Mobile Data Capture solutions available.

   Real Time Management / Monitoring

Jobs and Tasks such as picks, replenishments and goods receipt can be allocated, monitored and managed in real time. Key information can be collected such as average pick time, stock levels and critical events can trigger alerts so that the whole warehouse management process runs seamlessly with transparent visibility.


myMAp’s total communication platform provides up-to-the-minute  information by using with seamless support for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or wired network connectivity.


   Real Time Stock Control

Providing accurate, real-time visibility of inventory data reduces out-of-stock items & eliminates overstocking. Greater visibility provides greater control of your warehousing and stock control processes improving productivity and supply chain efficiencies by accurately determine bottlenecks and proactively tackling issues


   Improved Workflow and User

Allow users to become more productive and reactive to your customers’ needs by enabling them to complete on-the-spot or ad-hoc jobs all recorded within the mobile solution. Mobile working can also be easily extended to cover additional applications such as vehicle maintenance and loading, instant messaging and/or customer feedback collection.


   System Integration

Our solution is extremely easy to use making integration with your WMS or ERP systems simple. Extend your Warehouse Management processes to benefit from real time visibility and improved productivity  


   Integral Data Capture

myMAp Warehouse and Logistics has built in support for RFID, photo image capture and barcode reading to ensure data is collected accurately and efficiently.

Improve user productivity & efficiency

Visual Indicators, Reports, Alerts & Notifications to proactively manage issues

Improve compliance with SLA and Targets

Reduce administration costs and errors

Improve customer service and save time by eliminating paperwork

Real time visibility of warehouse operations



Reduced paperwork and administration

Mobile Inventory Management System - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Inventory Management System - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Inventory Management System - Data Capture Solutions



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