Today, technology can zip your restaurant order to the kitchen in an instant, allow you pay your taxi fare by credit card, and let you scan your groceries as you place them in your trolley. Welcome to the world of mobile point-of-sale systems. Wireless connections are in the process of altering the way we shop. And the trend continues to grow.


myMAp Mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) is a new and innovative solution that provides a fast and efficient way of dealing with customers. Not only does the solution provide the ability to handle the calculations involved in sales (totals, discounts and change), issue receipts or invoices they are mobile so no longer will the customer have to come to your check out to pay they can be attended as and when its required improving the overall customer experience.


The solution provides the ability to integrate other areas of your business such as stock management and CRM (customer relationship management) creating a quick return on investment by not only saving time but highlighting opportunities and also weaknesses in a business.


What about those mobile sales activities such as events, exhibitions and tradeshows? The lack of infrastructure and the temporary nature rules out the standard point of sales solutions but myMAp mobile POS is specifically designed to overcome these challenges. The sales representative only requires a smartphone or tablet and they are able to process sales there and then, check stock on the day, place future orders or answer any product related questions.


What do our clients say about us? Read these testimonials to find out how myMAp ePOD for Florists has helped other businesses.




Pay Montlhy Price Plan


The myMAp ePOD for Florists system is both easy to use and easy to pay for. Using our simple monthly subscription payment plan you just pay a monthly payment based on the number of mobile users. If your number of drivers increases during peak periods then this is not a problem simply up the number of user for the period and as soon as you no longer need the additional licences step down the monthly payments.


The system starts at £14.99 per month per user which if you make a single delivery everyday equates to £0.62 per delivery we offer discounts for customers with multiple users. For more information, please ask via the contact form.







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