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The challenges facing organisations within the highly competitive mobile delivery/courier/3PL industry continues to be getting the correct products to the customer on time and in the most cost-effective way. With increasing pressure in this fast-growing field and recent advances in mobile technology, this has never been more difficult and far too easy to get left behind. Within this industry there are range of software products that have been created to aid businesses in tracing every step of the delivery process to ensure products are sent, received and recorded on time and with the latest solutions available from DCS, we make it easier for you to find the ideal software products for your business demands.


Improve productivity and reduce the average cost per delivery.


Our role within the ever expanding software market is to produce the best products to meet the needs and requirements of businesses. Those who need to maintain a constant eye on items being delivered or couriered on a local, nationwide and international basis. As advancements in technology have enabled a diverse use of mobile devices within the safe delivery of parcels and packages, keeping track of items is a priority for any delivery business, courier or logistics company.


Instant access to proof of delivery or product status in real time.


The use of Delivery Management Software within daily operations enables companies to create a more detailed way of monitoring where their delivery operative are, what delays are to be expected and alternatives to ensure the continual smooth running of all operations. The adaptation of such software for a business allows for key implemented procedures such as electronic signature capture whereby any mobile device can be utilised to record a signature that is instantly visible within your computer system, accurately and within a few brief seconds. Discover the power of mobile signature tracking with Data Capture Solutions.


Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs


For many businesses it is difficult to keep the costs, time and paper documents used down to a minimum, especially throughout delivery processes, Therefore, our mobile delivery solution substantially reduces administration costs, paperwork and improves operational efficiency and effectiveness in your mobile delivery operation.


Real Time Product Tracking


myMAp Mobile Delivery is the latest in mobile delivery software and offers a fully integrated event tracking, load consolidation and delivery management solution. Our solution streamlines and manages all the steps involved in putting the right products in the right hands at the right time. From the loading of delivery trucks right through to delivering the item to the proper person, every step is automated and tracked to optimise the delivery.


Control the entire Product Delivery Process


myMAp Mobile Delivery provides end-to-end visibility of all phases of the delivery process giving you complete control over product delivery, providing you with the Proof of Delivery Software solution that's secure and cost-effective enabling you to provide a service that exceed industry standards for timely, error-free deliveries, while significantly improving your bottom line.

   Real Time Job Dispatch / Monitoring

Real time manifest allocation and tracking providing visibility of all phases of the shipment process reducing the number of claims for lost packages, re-deliveries and improving overall user productivity.  Provide up-to-the-minute  information by using myMAp’s total communication platform with seamless support for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or wired network connectivity.


   Electronic Proof of Delivery

Electronic Proof of delivery (POD) signatures are captured on the mobile data terminal and are visible within your back end system in seconds.  The Instant proof of collection and/or delivery enables accurate measurement of SLA compliance.

   Full Item Track and Trace

Time and location is recorded at every phase of the shipment process so a full delivery history can be reviewed online by customers as well as supervisors.


   Improved Workflow and User

Allow users to become more productive and reactive to your customers needs by enabling them to make on-the-spot transactions, instantly correct any mistake and place correction orders. Mobile working can also be easily extended to cover additional applications such as vehicle maintenance and loading, instant messaging and/or customer feedback collection.


    GPS Vehicle Tracking

Location Services provides the ability to locate, track and gather information on the movement of your GPS enabled devices allowing accurate job distribution based on who is nearest and available to complete the required job.


   System Integration

Our solution is extremely easy to use making integration with warehouse, stock control and/or sales systems simple to reduce the time to invoice. Extend your delivery process to benefit from real time visibility and improved productivity seamlessly maintaining exisiting backend systems.


   Integral Data Capture

The real time track and trace capability incorporates RFID, photo image capture and barcode reading to ensure accurate consignment tracking. Advanced data capture for 1D or 1D/2D bar codes enables drivers to scan packages and dynamically record their deliveries while imaging allows them to electronically capture signatures as well as snap photos for proof of delivery. Location and time stamps are applied to every image captured or barcode scanned to build up a delivery history which can significantly reduce claims for lost items or non deliveries.


   Route Scheduling

Maximize fleet productivity by scheduling pickups in conjunction with deliveries. Ensure shipments are delivered on time by optimising routes, communicating with drivers in real-time, and keeping track of last-minute changes.

Improve user/driver productivity

Reduced mobile phone bills, vehicle maintenance and fuel spend

Improved SLA compliance with real-time status updates

Reduced average cost per delivery

Improved delivery accuracy resulting in fewer returns and second runs

Improved cash flow via potential same-day billing



Reduced paperwork and administration

Mobile Proof Of Delivery - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Proof Of Delivery - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Proof Of Delivery - Data Capture Solutions



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