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Inspections and surveys are about visiting a location, collecting data, making evaluations, and returning your findings to a central repository for storage or further action. Organisations understand that to improve productivity, efficiency and reliability. The process needs to be streamlined and as automated as possible which is why we have developed our building inspection audit software.


Improve the Surveyor or Inspectors preformance and productivity.


A popular request from many different industries, software applications that revolve around the needs of operatives carrying out inspections and surveys, whether mechanical or structural are in bigger demand than ever before.


At Data Capture Solutions we have developed such safety inspection software mobile operatives can easily use. Allowing inspectors and surveyors to record their findings while onsite, as and when they find them, the software we design offers the flexibility and freedom for data to be easily collected and processed. Any data which has been recorded using the software can then be sent back to a main base ensuring that it is recorded correctly and in an easy to read and understand format.


Reduce Costs, Improve Visibility and make it easier to complete the surveys or inspections.


Our PDA inspection software will help to cut back on costs along with improving the service you offer and the productivity of your inspectors or surveyors. All data is recorded instantly creating a secure and safe solution for you, even in the event the mobile device was to be stolen or destroyed, your data would be processed and stored safely within your main system, allowing you to recall any data, time and time again whenever you need.

Simply and Quickly Design, Build and Manage Inspection / Survey Electronic Forms.


Our specialist myMAp software will help you to accurately record data, enabling you to easily collect your data and pass it on to any relevant parties within your organisation. It will also help with improving productivity due to the quick and efficient capture of data helping your business increase the amount of inspections or surveys proficiently, that you may carry out.


Our range of software products for both mobile and building inspections / audits has created a storm of success and interest from a full spectrum of companies from many different industries. myMAp Inspection & Survey is designed to provide rapid development and deployment of electronic inspection or survey forms to mobile devices. Our mobile inspection software allows inspectors and surveyors to capture data in the field easily and quickly as possible and within minutes have the data accessible to select individuals or organisation wide.


Scalable and Flexible to grow with your business.


myMAp Inspection & Survey simplifies the whole process and by providing a solution that is flexible, scalable and easy to use the system will develop as your business grows.


The whole solution is built upon the myMAp platform that provides reliability, robustness and security so users will always be able to complete their work and data is never lost. This is why all our customers have come to depend on the myMAp Inspection and Survey to move their business forward into the world of mobile paperless inspections and Surveys.


myMAp Inspection & Survey provides management control, accountability and visibility of key business information so management can ensure that issues are resolved as they occur which improves customer satisfaction and compliance with service level agreements.

  • Vehicle Inspection

  • Health & Safety Inspections

  • Building Operations

  • Assesments & Audits

   Real Time Connectivity and Offline Productivity

myMAp’s total communication platform provides up-to-the-minute  information by using with seamless support for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or wired network connectivity.


Inspection & Survey forms can be completed in the field and submitted for approval or review (if required) there and then, in real time, over-the-air on any data network. The data can be reviewed, validated and the user can receive feedback and perform any follow up actions within the single visit.


   Advanced Form Design

Designing and creating mobile survey and inspection forms so that they are easy to use but still ensure the correct data is collected and the desired process is followed is a very difficult challenge. This is why myMAp has designed an array of controls and features to make this process as simple as possible such as;


  • Branching
  • Skipping
  • Looping
  • Validation
  • Calculation
  • Lookup and Reference
  • Data Entry Controls – Dropdown, Date Time and Data Collection input
  • Multiple questions per page and many more out of the box features.


   Advanced Data Collection

myMAp Inspection & Survey has built in support for RFID, photo image capture and barcode reading to ensure accurate data is collected but making the solution as user friendly as possible.


Advanced data capture for signature and/or image capture enables surveyors and inspectors to capture a photo against a job, collect a signature or mark up a diagram/image and even record time and location against every inspection or survey.


   GPS – Location Based Services

Location Services provides the ability to locate, track and gather information on the movement of your GPS enabled devices allowing accurate distribution of inspections or surveys based on who is nearest and available to complete the required job.


The time and location can be recorded against each completed survey or inspection so you can prove your surveyor or inspector was where he was when he said he was therefore reducing any costs due to re-visits or discrepancy on service levels.


   Total Flexibility and Business Agility

Every myMAp form can be uniquely customised to your needs, updated quickly and easily without any coding. Changes can be deployed over the air to your inspector or a surveyor, assuring everyone is using the latest version.


   Inspector & Surveyor Management

myMAp Inspection or Survey forms can be in draft, test or production versions. Inspection/Survey results can be monitored, accessed, modified and managed at any time. Multiple users and groups with permissions can be defined. User locations and current job status can be viewed in real time. All of which provide the visibility and the tools to efficiently manage your operation.


   System Integration

Our solution is extremely easy to use making integration with your backend management systems simple. Extend your inspection or survey process to benefit from real time visibility and improved productivity whilst seamlessly maintaining existing systems.


myMAp Inspection & Survey allows data collected in the field to be exchanged to facilitate proof of service, re-active actions, validation and or work order scheduling. On service/job confirmation, the relevant data is passed back to your existing systems via our integration module to your systems for further action.

Improve surveyor / inspector productivity and performance

Report surveyor / inspector progress in real-time

Reduce administration costs and improve customer service

Improve job allocation, management & SLA compliance

Instant and easy mobile data collection and capture

Reduced average cost per job



Mobile Inspection System - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Inspection System - Data Capture Solutions

Mobile Inspection System - Data Capture Solutions



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