Organisations across the world irrespective of the industry all share a common goal which is to continually develop and improve the bottom line. There are two ways in which this can be achieved either by increasing revenue through sales or by decreasing the cost of business.


Reduce Asset Downtime and Improve Productivity.


Enterprise asset management (EAM) is the organized and systematic tracking of an organization's physical assets –its plant, equipment and facilities throughput its operational lifecycle. The machinery you use to manufacture your product has to be reliable, the power must be available, computers need to remain on line, and your delivery vehicles need to be on the road. If just one of these assets breaks down unexpectedly, your operations may be interrupted –and this can have a significant cost impact.


Get the most out of your EAM System by going mobile!


Although most companies have some type of EAM system in place, many rely on low -tech, largely paper-based communications that significantly underutilize the resources dedicated to asset management. By mobilizing your existing EAM system your business will be in a much better position to fully utilize resources and improve the efficiency of personnel as well as the performance of critical assets, while reducing operational costs.


By implementing myMAp Asset Management combined with a handheld mobile computer or smartphone, outmoded manual data entry and paperwork can be replaced with streamlined electronic processes aand real time visibility of your assets.


Benefit from the financial rewards of better Asset Management


Incorporating mobile and wireless solutons enables your organization to capitalize on EAM system benefits that cannot be exploited using traditional, manual processes. The most significant benefits are derived from increased productivity and the ability to collect more and better data, faster. Either directly or indirectly, mobile EAM solutions can lower budgets and enhance corporateearnings.

   Real Time Connectivity & Offline Productivity

myMAp’s total communication platform provides up-to-the-minute information by using with seamless support for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or wired network connectivity.


Assets can be registerd, audited and serviced in the field and submitted for approval or review (if required) there and then, in real time, over-the-air on any data network. The data can be reviewed, validated and the user can receive feedback and perform any follow up actions within the single visit.


   Advanced Data Collection

myMAp Asset Management has built in support for RFID, photo image capture and barcode reading making the solution as easy and flexible as possible for users to capture data accuratley.


Advanced data capture for signature and/or image capture enables mobile users to record photos against an asset, mark up a diagram/image and even record time and location against every repair, service or audit.


   GPS – Location Based Services

Location Services provides the ability to locate, track and gather information on assets allowing accurate business decisions to be made based on up to date information.


The time and location can be recorded against each completed audit or maintenace so you can prove your what was completed, when it was completedand where it was completed  therefore reducing any costs due to re-visits or discrepancy on service levels.


   Asset Lifecycle Management "Track and Trace"

Quick and Easy access to any assets complete records detailing information such as make and model, accessories, version number, warranty details in the field via a mobile device.


Time and location is recorded at every phase of any process which buillds an assets full service history and allows full lifecycle management.


   Improve Workflow and User Productivity

Allow users to become more productive and reactive to your customers’ needs by enabling them to complete on-the-spot or ad-hoc jobs all recorded within the mobile solution.


Mobile working can also be easily extended to cover additional applications such as vehicle maintenance and loading, instant messaging and/or customer feedback collection.


   System Integration

Our solution is extremely easy to use making integration with your asset management systems simple.


Extend your asset manangement process to benefit from real time visibility and improved productivity whilst seamlessly integrating with existing systems.



Improve engineer productivity and performance

Reduce administration costs

Track and keep full service history of all assets

Improve inventory control  & optimize asset utalization

Instant and easy mobile data collection and capture

Improve audit procedures & accurate audit trail



Improve equipment planning & replacement management


Scalable and Flexible to grow with your business.


myMAp Asset Management simplifies tracking your organization’s valuable assets throughout their entire operational lifecycle. The solution is built upon the myMAp platform that provides reliability, robustness and flexiblity so that your solution can develop as your business grows.


myMAp Asset Management provides control, traceability and visibility of your business assets and is fully customisable to interface with your existing EAM system, ERP, CRM or  home grown systems.


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