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Organisations are continuously looking for a competitive advantage, reduce costs increase profitability and improve customer service. More and more businesses are realising that the key to achieving this is to provide real time access to business information when and where it's needed most. Enabling your field sales and service staff access to up-to-date information about their customer will mean they will be able to provide the best service on the spot and will be able to update the company head office with a record of what has been done, if anything else needs to be completed, what was the costs etc all before he leaves the customer so invoicing for services or placing orders to meet tight time scales can become a seamless process. Purchasing our myMAp products such as our meter reading software eliminates unwanted paper work, achieves faster readings and data can be processed straight away, providing a much easier and simpler billing process.


Boost engineer productivity and reduce the average cost per job.


Offering the perfect field service solutions, DCS presents the future for mobile/field operatives to collect, send and retrieve data. Finding an easier, faster and more accurate way for engineers to retrieve information and data whilst out on site should be a paramount importance for your business. When it comes to gathering the data that you or your engineers require, certain software applications make it easier and quicker to present or pass their results on, benefitting both you as a business and your engineer in a variety of ways. Here at Data Capture Solutions we specialise in a range of software designed to make your operations run smoothly. Within our range of high quality services we offer the latest mobile engineer software that can be easily integrated with a selection of mobile devices, providing your employees with an efficient way to send and receive important data or diagnostics when they are off site.


Improve control and visibility over your field users.


Maintenance and repair are two factors that businesses should take into account, especially in engineering. Due to the huge variety of machinery or systems used daily, maintenance and repair times associated with certain machinery and systems can vary, losing your business both time and money. Incorporating our maintenance and repair software within your existing system will limit your downtime considerably and will enable your business to keep track of how each system is performing. This software also helps you to achieve higher system availability, reducing costs and repair times.


Easy to use, Easy to integrate AND cost effective!


Our field service software substantially reduces administration costs, paperwork and improves operational efficiency and effectiveness in your field service operation. myMAp Field Service is an integrated product set designed to meet the challenges of any demanding field service application. The modular approach means that our customers benefit from a full-featured, cost effective and integrated solution for automating processes and improving communication across your business whilst reducing paperwork that can grow as your needs change. Facilities management software is integrated with common business applications providing you with complete control of facilities and maintenance management functions.


The entire myMAp product range is fully customisable to interface with your existing accounting system, ERP, CRM and home grown systems or as a stand-alone solution for your field service engineers and office personnel.

  Real Time Management / Monitoring

Jobs can be entered into the system either by using the field service solution as a stand-alone call management system or by integrating to your existing call logging or ERP system. Recurring calls, i.e. periodic sanitisation visits, are diarised by the system according to their frequency and are automatically downloaded to the handheld computers at the appropriate time.

myMAp’s total communication platform provides up-to-the-minute  information by using with seamless support for 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and/or wired network connectivity.


   Electronic Proof of Service

During a service job, the field service engineer can record full service details such as time taken to complete the service and any parts or consumables used or supplied. Proof of service can be obtained in a number of ways, including using the in-built camera on the handheld computer to take ‘before’ and ‘after’ photographs. If this method is used, the field service system will index the photographs to each job. Alternatively (or additionally), customer signatures can be captured on the handheld computer.

   Asset Management

Each asset in the field can have its own complete record detailing information such as make and model, accessories, version number, warranty details. This allows full lifecycle management of each asset including a full service history.


   Improved Workflow and User

Allow users to become more productive and reactive to your customers’ needs by enabling them to complete on-the-spot or ad-hoc jobs all recorded within the mobile solution. Mobile working can also be easily extended to cover additional applications such as vehicle maintenance and loading, instant messaging and/or customer feedback collection.


   GPS Vehicle Tracking

Location Services provides the ability to locate, track and gather information on the movement of your GPS enabled devices allowing accurate job distribution based on who is nearest and available to complete the required job.


   Integrated Satellite Navigation

If desired, the field service engineer can be navigated from one job to the next using the integrated SatNav feature. This enables savings to be made on ‘down time’ whilst improving adherence to ETAs and general customer service.


   Route Scheduling

Maximise field engineer’s productivity by scheduling jobs based on availability, location and skill set. Ensure jobs are completed on time by optimising routes, communicating with engineers in real-time, and keeping track of last-minute changes.


   System Integration

Our solution is extremely easy to use making integration with your service or asset management systems simple. Extend your field service process to benefit from real time visibility and improved productivity whilst seamlessly maintaining existing systems.


myMAp Field Service solution allows field service data to be exchanged to facilitate proof of service, parts orders and service details. On service/job confirmation, the relevant data is passed back to your existing systems via our integration module to your service systems for customer invoicing.


   Integral Data Capture

myMAp Field Service has built in support for RFID, photo image capture and barcode reading to ensure accurate data is collected but making the solution as user friendly as possible.

Advanced data capture for bar codes and/or RFID enables engineers to scan asset labels and dynamically record if they are at the correct location or working on the correct asset. Location and time stamps are applied to every image captured or barcode scanned to build up a job  history which can be used to prove a job was completed.

Improve user/engineer productivity and performance

Reduce admin, fuel and vehicle maintenance costs

Track and keep full service history of all assets

Improve job allocation and management

Improved SLA compliance and reduced penalties due to real-time status updates

Reduced average cost per job



Improve customer service by viewing engineer progress in real-time

Field Service Software - Data Capture Solutions

Field Service Software - Data Capture Solutions


Field Service Software - Data Capture Solutions



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