myMDM for Microsoft Windows


myMDM makes it simple, quick, and safe to manage any Microsoft windows devices. With the most comprehensive feature set on the market, myMDM ensures both corporate and personally owned windows devices are secured, tracked, configured, and supported over the air in one multiplatform solution.


   Web Console

Your support personnel with anytime access to MyMDM from the Internet with SOTI's new multi-platform web-based Management for Windows Mobile, Apple iOS, and Google Android devices. MyMDM Web Console features for Windows Mobile include:


  • Device Status – View device status panes (Information, Collected Data, Location, Logs, Notes, Packages, Programs and Rules)
  • Helpdesk Tools – Full-featured remote control implemented as an Active-X plug-in
  • Messaging – Send messages and/or scripts via MyMDM and SMS
  • Location Based Services – Locate, track and view location history
  • Reporting – Generate both canned and custom reports, similar to the Management Console
  • Security – Authenticate web console users via Active Directory and/or standalone user access list and restrict user access to device groups and features based on user/group level permissions



MobiScan is a new device software component that facilitates the quick and easy provisioning of a device right out of the box by simply scanning a barcode. It can be pre-loaded on any Windows Mobile or Windows CE powered device that has a barcode scanner. In MyMDM V8, the ability to generate barcodes for initial device configuration is offered directly from the Device Agent Manager.


Standalone Authentication

MyMDM now features improved standalone authentication that can be used independently or in combination with Active Directory authentication. It allows for the specification of usernames and passwords to restrict access to both the MyMDM Manager and MyMDM Web. Standalone Authentication facilitates password-protected access for those who don’t have AD.


   Helpdesk Tools

MyMDM equips support personnel with powerful remote control and helpdesk tools to diagnose and fix problems efficiently. Support staff can login to remote devices to see exactly what the remote user sees in real-time and to manage and view: services, tasks, file system and registry of a mobile device. This results in a decrease in downtime and labour costs and contributes to a decreased total cost of ownership. Also, the great two-way chat feature eases communication between the device user and helpdesk staff.


   Device Provisioning

group policies, you can automatically deploy software and data to devices in the field in real-time over any network (WiFi, cellular, cradled, etc.). SOTI's advanced compression and check pointing algorithms allow data to be delivered even over very slow and unstable connections, saving IT departments months of work, and truly enabling organisations to realise the ROI of mobile device deployments sooner.


   Location Based Services

myMDM's Location Services functionality provides the ability to locate, track and gather information of your GPS enabled devices, no matter where they are in the world.


   Advanced Security

MyMDM's Advanced Security Center provides administrators with granular control over how mobile devices are used and how data is accessed:

Authentication Policy
Device Lockdown Policy
Application Run Control Policy
Out of Contact Devices Policy
File Encryption Policy
Connection Security Policy
Phone Call Policy
Device Feature Control Policy


   File Synchronization

SOTI's data synchronization policies allow organisations to synchronise files and/or folders between devices and a server. Synchronization can be ad-hoc or at scheduled intervals. This important tool allows your employees in the field and in the office to always be equipped with the most up-to-date information.


   Asset Management

MyMDM allows support personnel to track hardware and software assets. Device grouping allows devices to automatically group themselves based on criteria of the deployment (e.g. devices in a deployment can determine which location they are in and automatically reconfigure accordingly). This decreases the amount of time needed to manage a deployment and thus increases productivity.



Diagnostic and imaging tools can be used to create baseline diagnostics of devices in the field and automatically identify potential problem areas. The time savings are significant: using these tools, a support person can determine the cause of the problem in less than a minute as opposed to spending several hours to troubleshoot problems.



Automate monitoring of customisable device-side and server-side system events with Alerts functionality. Get notified via email or SMS when events of interest arise on or with your mobile device. E.g. A device hasn't reported in the last 48 hours.When an event of interest occurs, you can:

  • Execute customised actions such as displaying a message to the user or running a maintenance routine or
  • Get notified via email or text message



Advanced Data Collection gives you the power to specify the data that you want to collect, analyse and report on. Whether it is information on battery status, GPS location, WiFi signal strength or any other type of data, MyMDM enables you to optimise your operations based on the statistics that matter to you. MyMDM's advanced reporting engine can then be used to pull detailed information about all aspects of system operation and the status of software / data deployments. Users can choose from the set of standard reports included with the product, or can customise and create new reports to deliver real-time statistics about mobile devices deployed in the field.



MyMDM allows IT support teams to collaborate on support issues and save time by tracking cases and their history. Using MyMDM, you can quickly and efficiently identify problem/defective units before warranty periods expire. This reduces user downtime and increases IT support productivity.






myMDM Cloud is our fully managed and hosted Mobile Device Management solution, click below for more information.




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