What is Mobile Device Management and why its key to successfully mobile working solutions?

29-November-2012 13:19
in Technology
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The evolution of mobile devices and the growing adoption of mobile working within the enterprise have caused many organisations to seriously consider the challenges and risks of mobile working.


Many projects to implement mobile working often overlook the cost and resource implications of managing and supporting mobile workers post deployment. The following outlines some of the major challenges to successfully deploying mobile working solutions.


     How to enforce corporate policies and best practices across a range of devices and systems.


     Being able to effectively support an ever changing and diverse user base with different requirements.


     How to ensure the business is secure from potential threats whilst maintaining an optimized and user friendly



     How to manage and control access to corporate resources specifically the ability to control corporate email.


     Finally ensuring IT teams are able to easily and effectively distribute, update, manage and secure applications on

     personal and corporate owned mobile devices.


Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems offer a fast and cost effective solution to this problem. MDM solutions provide the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices centrally. They provide many functions such as remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.


MDM has evolved beyond basic provisioning of mobile devices and now incorporates a much more diverse set of functions. MDM systems play an increasingly vital role in mobile solution implementation by providing all the tools required to centrally manage a wide range of devices and applications. With MDM, support teams have instant access to key information and can therefore monitor, identify and proactively resolve issues. The ability not to tackle issues reactively means that the on-going cost of supporting a diverse set of mobile workers can be greatly reduced.


A key challenge facing business with the growing expansion of mobile working is an effective way to manage these mobile assets in the field. In the past managing IT assets were relatively easy as PC’s, servers and network equipment rarely moved location so a spreadsheet or database system were sufficient. Now it’s a different story with devices being swapped between users and user being issued replacement devices it’s not so clear where a device is at any point in time. MDM solutions offer a perfect solution as they track and monitor your mobile workers at the device level so it’s very easy to provide an auditable history on your mobile assets greatly reducing the amount of mobile devices being written off year on year as “lost”.


The importance of MDM within any type of mobile worker solution is critical regardless of the size or nature of the business. However, smaller organisations may not have the resource or the budget to manage a MDM solution and required infrastructure.  Mobile Device Management is often deployed as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution which is where the MDM software and associated data are centrally hosted and managed in the cloud. SaaS systems are accessed by users using a client or via a web portal.  This approach can be a very cost effective solution to providing MDM on smaller scale deployments without compromising on any of the features or sacrificing any of the businesses requirements.


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